Legend has it that in 1890 the  English Football Club Berlin was first brought to life. 16 years earlier a group of Englishmen living and working in Dresden founded the first football club in Germany, the Dresden English Football Club. The first and perhaps only game between these two on New Years Day 1891 ended in a 7:0 defeat for the Berliner „Englanders“. After that the trail goes cold until 2003 when Michael Stolz returning from exile in London decided it was time to bring Football home to Berlin and resurected the forgotten English FC Berlin.

Over the next 8 years through his efforts the EFCB has grown into what it is today. We would like to thank him for starting this exciting project and we wish him well for the future.

The EFCB has 3 league teams, boys U15 (born 1997/98), U13 (99/00) and U11 (01/02 playing in the Berlin leagues.

We also run a Saturday Camp for girls (8-14) and boys born 2003 and later.

The coaching language is English but we pride ourselves on having more than 20 nationalities in the club.

Our coaching philosophy is also one of inclusion. We aim to give all our players time on the pitch to  aid their development. Learning to win is easy, its the loosing that's the hard part.

As Gary Linekar (a famous England player in the 80's and 90's – ask your Dad) once famously said:

Football is a simple game, 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end the Germans always win. Well at the EFCB we like to think we all win.


The trainers, Jugendleiter (youth co-ordinator) and all board members of the English Football Club Berlin understand that children participate in football to have fun.

Our collective aim is to develop children into well rounded human beings who can use what they have learnt in the time spent with us long after they have left the club.

We believe that football should be used as a tool to enhance self confidence - not only on the field of play, but also in the wider society.  We place great value and emphasis on giving children the tools to feel empowered to make the most of their lives and others around them.


We aim to develop respect. Not only for ourselves, but also for our opponents and actively seek to install this respect into our teams.


We stress the importance of team work and believe deeply in the wider benefits that stem from “getting on” in a team environment.

Whilst we hold performance in high esteem, results, goals scored and trophies won, are secondary factors when working within our clubs framework.  Our goal is quite simply the positive and effective development of the children who play at our club.

We pride ourselves on fair play.  We consciously restrict dissent coming from our players and always try to let the referee feel free of pressure when making his/her decisions.

We strive to get the best out of players and realize that this development often means pushing children to their limits.  We understand fully the implications of this challenge and only when we are sure the child can succeed, and feel proud of their achievements, do we confront them with such challenges.

We will never forget that the game of football is just that - a game. It’s all about enjoying the game and, at the same time, learning and developing football and life skills.

We believe that proper football development requires children to play age appropriate activities so they are able to experience, comprehend, and execute the game as it relates to where they are at their own stage of physical and mental development.

It is about playing in different positions so the player learns all the skills necessary to develop in the game.

It’s about receiving enough playing time, so the players are all given good opportunity to develop and learn.

It’s about learning the techniques of the game through a variety of fun training sessions and games where players have as much contact with a ball as possible and focus on technical football.

Our players should all receive a footballing education in an environment where discussions about tactics are encouraged and actively provoked.

We believe in the scientific research and evidence from footballing schools of excellence (such as Ajax or Barcelona) that this education should start as early as possible to equip our players with a good understanding of the modern art of football.  When this is done in a skillful manner we believe strongly that the level of interest in the game will only increase and continue to fascinate as well as stimulate young brains into becoming their own thinkers who quickly develop opinions about the game.

We belief in the constant reflection of our work and the implementation of better methods and equipment whenever they are available.